Posted by: thaufler | June 19, 2010

Religion that is pure

James 2:27 says the following; Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. 

So what does this look like… well for us the former has been the path chosen for us as we endeavored to be faithful to the latter, however the more difficult one in this case will be “visiting” the “widow”. While we do not understand the status of the foster mother who has unselfishly cared for Evan for over two years now, we do understand she loves our son and this seperation will be very difficult. In one of the most desperate situations she cared for two handicapped children with very little assistance. From her one room apartment she managed to clothe and feed them during a time of war with tanks as close as 30 miles from the city; and we are coming to gather up the only child who is capable of returning love to her. We ask that you pray for her, shown in this picture carrying Evan, and pray for us as we help her with this transition and somehow communicate the love of Christ.



  1. Dearest Tim, while I’ve grown to love your wife dearly as a sister in Chirst I’ve also gotten to gleen wisdome from your posts on FB 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to set up this blog so our family can have the chance to follow on your wonderful, long awaited journey & also have the blessing of being able to pray with & for you guys through it all…I can hardly wait! If by chance you get to meet my little boy….just sqeeze him for us will you? A nice long, loving, tight heartfelt sqeeze. 😉 Praying for hearts to be fully prepared in peace for your first meeting 🙂
    Hugs in Christ. Alysha & fam

  2. Thanks Alysha! You all have been such a blessing to us as well; Alicia couldn’t have made it without friends like you. It’s still hard to process that we are going to be leaving Friday and actually see and hold Evan this week. I’m also glad my FB stuff has been an encouragement to you, and we will most certainly squeeze your little boy if we see him.

  3. That photo is priceless and touched my heart. I feel for this woman who has cared for Evan over the years. She had done for Evan what others what not do and she accepted what God called her to do and now it is time for your family to pick up this part of his life and get him the care he needs that can only be given here. He has God’s favor.
    The Lord will heal her broken heart and reward her for her role here on this earth with an abundance of peace and life everlasting.

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