Posted by: thaufler | June 22, 2010

Three more days

Packing until 11:30pm, wife until past 2:00am, now some of the panic has subsided. Alicia has at least 20 lists, so many in fact, she needs a list to keep up with the lists, and often discovers redundant lists …I’ve never felt so well cared for and loved. We could land in the middle of the Australian outback and as long as we had our luggage we would be okay for weeks. My wife is a saint; her passion for children runs so deep it must be supernatural, a gift from God. With grace and humor and about 10,000 tears behind us, here we sit only three days away from the big event. I looked long and hard for a good candid shot of her and found none, because she’s always holding the camera! So instead I thought I would include a shot of our agency director who we have grown to love dearly, holding Evan from a previous trip. We are so blessed to have this wonderful lady escorting us through this process, and I am blessed to have St. Alicia as my wife, who could easily compare to Gladys Aylward, missionary to China, whose 100 lb frame housed more compassion and raw determination than 1,000 men.



  1. We are so excited for the Haufler Family. Praying for safe travel and that you meet all connections there and back. Also, that bonding is immediate!!!
    Barbara and Russ

  2. This is so wonderful and exciting to see how God has pulled this all together at just the right time! Tim and Alicia ,you are being shipped out into God’s service in another world and the treasure at the end is little Evan. We will all be cheering for the Lord at the end,won’t we.

  3. I am SOOO EXCITEd for all of you. The wait and tears will be well worth having Evan in your arms and in your life. God’s ABUNDANT blessings and favor on your trip!!!! I will be praying and chekcing your blog daily. Love you guys!!!!!

  4. We are sooo excited for you guys! It’s finally here! We will be thinking of you and praying for your safe travels. I will check blogs probably everyday for updates, and can’t wait to meet Evan! Good luck and have safe travels.

  5. PTL! Tomorrow’s the day!!!!! YAY! Wow, it’s been SO LONG coming, but that just makes it so much more special that the time is finally here. You’re in our thoughts & prayers as you embark on this awesome adventure.

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