Posted by: thaufler | June 27, 2010

We saw our Evan today!!!

Thank you for your prayers, we feel them! This is Alicia with my first blog post!! We were able to see Evan today for the first time and it went very well.  We all worried about his foster mothers reaction, but she did great, although she is naturally very sad about Evan leaving.

Evan is so cute, sweet, and very smart. He was sleeping when we got there, but woke up and after he warmed up to us, he was so cute smiling and laughing at Tim when he made funny sounds with his lips. It was a communication that broke through the language barrier.  HE CRIED FOR US AND WANTED TO GO WITH US WHEN WE LEFT WHICH WAS REMARKABLE!!! Before and after we saw Evan we had a wonderful rest of the day with our agency director and attorney. They treated us to some excellent Georgia cuisine. GREAT DAY!! 🙂

So tomorrow is our adoption court hearing when Evan becomes legally ours. Please pray that things go smoothly. ** ALSO, we are having phone issues so we can’t call anyone. We are using a computer in the apartment as well since can’t get our computer to work. If you need to contact us, do it via email or if emergency with the house, children etc, call our adoption agency. They can call Robin who is with us and has a working phone.



  1. So glad your first visit went well. Sure hope court goes just as smooth! You guys are still in our prayers.

  2. PTL!!!

  3. Oh Alicia! What joy, what joy!! So glad to hear from you & know your doing great, that God is moving & that your bond with your son has started 😀 A big hug to you all & can’t wait to see the pictures!

  4. Boy, they sure do things differently in Georgia than they do in Ukraine!

  5. Praise the Lord praying for ya!

  6. What a testimony to God’s divine hand on it all!!! So excited to hear he wanted to leave with you right away. Prayers are with you all.
    Barbara and Russ

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