Posted by: thaufler | June 27, 2010

Who am I and what have I done with myself…

Those were the words of St. Alicia as we sat on one of the many planes last night in route to The Republic of Georgia. An eventful trip that included walking up to the ticket counter for the flight to London to be told we didn’t have seats, which was taken care of only to almost board that same plane when they detected mechanical difficulties that caused a three-hour delay.  Roughly eight fitful hours away we arrive in London and end up at the wrong terminal; rush to the right one to find the line at the ticketing counter very long when our plane was due to leave in 30 minutes. I (the man who whined most of the trip) then run like OJ to make sure the flight didn’t leave us, run back and uncharacteristically push my way to the front of the line, pled our case and found a sympathetic flight attendant who then ticketed us quickly. Then we run to the gate to learn the flight was delayed… (I think God just wants me to learn how to be a man).

We are here, safe and sound. Alicia is peacefully sleeping while I am getting my computer fix. Our host Giorgi who has truly been a gift (oh, how we thank God for him) met us at the airport with a big smile and a big sign, then escorted us through downtown to our 7th floor apartment (more on that later).

Continue to pray for Alicia who is holding up supernaturally, and me who can find almost anything to complain about, but mostly for Evan who we learned may be removed from the foster-mother prior to our departure and placed temporarily in the care of the orphanage. This could prevent us from getting the adequate information we need to properly care for his medical needs, and cause unneccessary trauma.



  1. Praying!!! God is in control, 100%.. no doubt! 😀

    • Hey Guys, Got your note. I know you are frustrated with all that is going on, but we all know who is in control. So, just hang in there and let God do His thing. We are all praying for time to be short and you will be coming home soon with Evan. We just pray that he will love you immediately and everything will fall into place. Give him a kiss for me!!!

      Love, Mom, Dad and Nick

  2. Glad you made it there safely, despite all your troubles to do so! We will continue to pray for you all and especially Evan, he has already been through so much in his short life. Look forward to meeting him on my next trip to Virginia, in July.

  3. Tim,

    We are glad you made it safely. Keep us up to date and we will keep you in our prayers.

  4. I am laughing & crying all at the same time & I am going to start calling you TimJ~wait I thought you already WERE a man~ is there something we should know~ LOL Alicia~ ROCKS!!! see God’s reversing roles~ heehee. Does she have her wipes & such~ heehee~ AH but yes please remember to breath!!!! Can you take pics? Would love to see the apt & all. Our prayers & love coming your way 24/7 w/out ceasing Jesus intercedes on your behalf & God is on your side!!! PTL~

  5. We did see him today… it was wonderful and I can’t wait to tell you about it! I’ll post something tomorrow because it’s 11:20 here and we just got back. Maybe I can get Carrie’s computer to work so I can upload pictures…

  6. So, Alicia, things didn’t continue on their “perfect” path just the way you like it LOL! Not surprising, but I am very confident that you have both risen to the occassion….. glad you got to meet your son…adorable I am sure! I’ll keep up. Let us know if you need anything. Saw Carrie this AM @ church, she’s fine.

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