Posted by: thaufler | June 28, 2010

Result of court hearing

We had our court hearing today, and it was somewhat overwhelming due mostly to the high level of support in the room for this child which included the US Embassy Consular and his entourage. The small un-airconditioned room filled with interpreters, lawyers, Embassy staff and us.

We both understood that all the discrepancies had been resolved but two issues were brought forward; the first was that there was no official name change for Alicia from her maiden name to my surname, and the second more preposterous issue was mistakes in the handwritten portion of the relinquishment document filled out by Evan’s birth parents. The first he waived, however the second detail the judge wants to be done over, so the parents will have to be found to accomplish this. We are set to go back to court on Friday and hope all will be done by then and Evan can be ours.

PLEASE PRAY that the parents can be located and that the father, who often travels for weeks at a time, is home.

(We have added some pictures to earlier posts)



  1. Hey Guys,

    We know there is a reason for this and God is in control of all of this. I just think they all have fallen love with you and want to keep you there for a few more days.. Take care, He is watching all the events unfold as He had planned.


    Mom, Dad and Nick

  2. Thanks Mom and Dad. Tell the kids we love them… still don’t have phone service. Tell them Evan is beautiful, curious, very smart, and loves to play…

  3. sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s writing~ sometimes it’s easier~ maybe sign your names~ Love you

  4. Praying for you guys..praying for Evan & his foster mama..lots of prayers.
    Deuteronomy 31:8 ‘..The Lord, He is the One who goes before you . He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” ~♥~

  5. I hope all goes well and you will soon be home with Evan. We are following every word from both of you. Love, Diane and Rodger

  6. Thank you all for your prayers… we feel them, and it’s so encouraging to read your remarks each night and morning. God bless you all… Tim and Alicia.

  7. WOW, sounds exciting and interesting (you know I love Sociology) – can’t wait to hear the stories, Tim (instead of reading your yet upublished book – lol). Enjoy your visit with your son… will pray for rapid location of bio parents!! Love you guys! Katherine

  8. Evan is such a beautiful little boy!! I can’t begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster you must be on right now, but what joy you’ll have the day you get to bring him home!
    We’re praying for a quick response from Evans birth parents and for your safety. Keep us posted- Jenny 🙂

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