Posted by: thaufler | June 29, 2010

Prayers answered!

Our champion attorney called early this afternoon and said they had already found the parents and had the documents re-done, and he was having them carried back to Tbilisi… and I am surprised… God has been so gracious.

To help you understand just how challenging this was; they live in a village not far from Azerbaijan, they have no phones, they have been sought three times to sign these forms and the last time resisted, the father often makes long excursions into Azerbaijan with no way to contact him, the social worker has in the past been reasonable but unmotivated, shall I go on???

Last night our champion, our Agency Director, one of the interpreters, and another woman spent the evening with the social worker at a soccer event in the hopes to help him understand the critical nature of a quick response, and for the first time they saw his humanity. He mentioned how much he liked the family (that’s us)… we hardly spoke to him in court, outside of thanking him for his help. God has shown us favor here indeed, pray with us that all else will go smooth so we can come home earlier than planned, although it will be an emotional departure because of all these dear people have done for us and Evan.

Here are a few pictures of our apartment I promised to share (Another wonderful person who we love vacated this home so we could have somewhere to stay);

Our front entrance

The scary elevator whose lights turn off only when Alicia rides it alone

Some of beautiful furnishings inside

We see Evan tomorrow for the doctors appointment, but for today we are finished. Later I’ll post some pictures of a Monastery we visited that dates back to 500 a.d. and the carnage from our lunch with our new driver who picked all the food.



  1. Wow! How exciting and encouraging. I am so proud of both of you. The light that is shining through the both of you is DIVINE! The pictures are incredible. The visit with Evan and his foster mother just melted my heart. The love of Christ crosses all barriers, all languages. How truly beautiful.

  2. Awesome!!! Such good news, we always knew we serve a gracious God and I for one am thankful that you are being rewarded for your faithfullness on this long difficult journey!!!

  3. WOW on the inside of the home! PTL!!! and it looks clean~ Love you guys

  4. We serve an awesome God, ain’t so?! Great post to read!

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