Posted by: thaufler | June 29, 2010

Tbilisi, Georgia

We’ve only been here two full days and I feel I could write a book… don’t worry I’ll spare you.

This is truly a different world here. Tucked away between mountains on three sides and home to about 1.5 million people, one small city without any suburbs. Unemployment is high and on almost every street corner there are beggars; young women wandering between cars holding their babies in one arm while the other is stretched out hoping for coins. Young boys, who could grace the cover of any JC Penney catalog knocking on windows peddling religious icons (pictures of saints) on small pieces of cardboard. The people here are strikingly beautiful and very proud; which may be the reason for some of the delay in our case, they know their heritage well and jealously guard it’s preeminence to neighboring countries. The Georgian Orthodox religion seems to be modeled after traditional Catholicism, and they have their own “pope” called the Patriarch whom they revere, which seems to be the common grace that maintains order in this city where drunkenness is the biggest problem. The picture below you can see a well-lit dome between the trees which serves as the home of the Patriarch.

The influence of American society can be felt everywhere; pop rock sung in english, McDonald’s, and a restaurant where we found Elvis still alive! Our lovely 22-year-old translator admitted when she was young she was addicted to Elvis music.

The pictures below include, McDonald’s, the parliament building, one including the “Georgian Mother” (you can see her between the monument on the left and the building on the right behind the trees.)

The streets were teeming with activity on this Sunday night nearing 10:00pm, young people, old people and children all enjoying themselves without the fear you experience on the typical American city street at night.

Well today we hope to see Evan. They are picking us up at 11:00am and to fill the time we going to do a little sight-seeing. One of the places we are going is a church that dates back to 500 a.d. where it’s traditional to tie a prayer ribbon on one certain tree. Doctors visit for Evan this week, court on Thursday all the while our champion Giorgi frantically searches for Evan’s birth parents.



  1. Wow, you guys. I’l be praying.

  2. We are praying and believing. God has ordered your steps. How fantastic to finally see your hearts dream realized!!!!

  3. the photos are amazing~ thank you!

  4. Tim, you express yourself so well! I’m so thankful to be able to be with you & Alicia via this blog 🙂 So glad you set it up. Please give my love to Alicia, praying for you dear sister..Praying for you all. God is good, he’s in control.

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