Posted by: thaufler | June 30, 2010

The countryside

Well Alicia and Robin both seem to be doing a little better today. The “bug” as I called it last night was probably bad food… we think, ironically from the american style restaurant.

Here are a few scenes from yesterday;

Very old active Monastery on a mountain

Our interpreter and Alicia looking over the countryside from the Monastery

Behind this gate is a tunnel used during early conflicts that extends into the city

Inside the Monastery

Just taking it easy today, letting the girls heal up, while we wait for the results from a meeting today between our attorney and the Social agent. We may not get to see the little guy today…



  1. I hope they used the activated charcoal that you took with you…and the probiotic. Those would have helped.

  2. How gorgeous your photos are~ esp the one w/ Alicia holding Evan!

  3. Thanks Kim! They have both used them and they are better today, and back to eating regular food. You have never failed us…

  4. Sorry to hear you guys got sick, and glad to know your better! Those pics are awesome, and Evan is sooo cute! How blessed you are.

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