Posted by: thaufler | June 30, 2010

The Rue Chardin on the eve of our 21st anniversary

Not much news today. We had to get Alicia and Robin’s feet on the ground and with the help of some fine homeopathic remedies from Kim McCormack and the local apothecary they seem almost 100%.

Best news today is we get to see Evan tomorrow. We have to take him to the doctor before our Visa application on Monday… pray for us because they don’t use car seats here and the driving is worse than I described earlier.

We did make a visit to the old side of the city so the girls could have some soup and here a few pictures from our trip;

Hillside in front of the Rue Chardin

The Rue Chardin

Our interpreter, Robin and Alicia walking down the Rue after lunch

Another shot at the end of the Rue…

We get to see this little guy tomorrow seen sitting here with our agency director Robin and Alicia trying to figure out Robin’s Blackberry

Remember we are here for Evan and if this seems like a vacation to you it’s because of the delay of the court decision. This Friday things will change dramatically and he will be ours!!!

Can’t wait to see him tomorrow, we had so much fun last time. Continue to pray for Alicia who’s stomach is still sore… and tomorrow is our 21st wedding anniversary!



  1. I think it’s for ministry purposes as anything~ be it you & Alicia, or the others~ God is working a miracle in many hearts while you are there, I know you don’t doubt that a bit! Still God wants you to be able to enjoy the history of where you are & not feel guilty for doing so. Love & Prayers to all & Kim McCormack absolutely ROCKS!!!! Glad they are beter!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Kim is right, this is a once in a lifetime event, so enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. We all know the real reason your there, it’s ok to take in the scenery and enjoy a little down time during all the stress, if you can. Hope Alicia and Robin keep feeling better. You guys are still in our prayers.

  3. Enjoying your updates guys. Glad to hear the gals are feeling better. All is well, all is well, all is well….God has ordered your steps, you have been obedient…enjoy the journey.

    Lots of love and hugs!!!!

  4. Happy anniversary to you both. The pictures of Tbilisi bring back such wonderful memories.
    I am praying for speedy recoveries for the tummy bugs.
    Can’t wait to see more photos of Evan. He’s precious.

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