Posted by: thaufler | July 1, 2010

Isn’t flexibility one of the fruits of the spirit?

Well another day, and no see Evan… okay I’m starting to talk like a Georgian. Told you I didn’t want to come back… God has truly planted something in our hearts here… I don’t want to come back to spoiled America, sorry guys.

Plans changed, we are cramming everything in tomorrow (prepare for an emotional post tomorrow night folks, just warning you.) We first go to the orphan house, then after that trauma we have court with the new documents (pray, pray, pray), then after that we take our boy to the doctor, then to get his Visa, then we may take him home… whew! This all starts at 10:30am Georgian time which is 2:30am your time, it’s 9:05pm now.

We talked to our kids tonight!!!

Carrie-Anne my gorgeous, intelligent and compassionate daughter;

and Nicholas my boy with the smoldering good looks and the heart of an angel;

It’s our anniversary and we are celebrating it in grand style, instead of going to the finest restaurant in town I cooked my bride a tasty dinner consisting of boiled rice with chicken stock, served with imported pineapple juice, and delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Twenty one years ago we struck this very same pose, and who knew then that we would be on this marvellous adventure today…

I made the picture small so you wouldn’t see how bad we look. How do you pack a century’s worth of learning, emotion, and joy mixed with meeting some of the most wonderful people (people you never want to leave, see a pattern here?), absorbing a beautiful culture and it not affect your complexion, plus I had a real bad hair day!



  1. FUNNY! Happy Anniversary, guys. Alicia, ignore my email from a minute ago…now I understand, PHEW!

  2. We will be thinking of you and lifting you up to our good God.

  3. wow! already a ton of emotions in that~ & you guys look marvelous darlings~ LOL God is certainly doing an amazing work but we, your spoiled American friends want you back~ plus we can’t wait to meet your new son & give him all the hugs & love that he’s never even imagined could be his!

  4. Happy anniversary! We’re trying to catch up on all that’s happened, now that we are at the more technologically updated parent’s house. Been thinking of you and are enjoying the pics….praying!

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