Posted by: thaufler | July 2, 2010

Today our freedom Sings to the glory of future

I cannot adequately describe today’s events but I will try, and with god’s help you can relive it with us…

To briefly rehash the last week, we came to court on Monday with an entourage that consisted of 12 people including a top-level embassy official his assistant and intern, and were met with a judge who apparently had a point to make which none of has been able to figure out, and honestly it really doesn’t matter.

Today he was much kinder and gentler. (To give you an adequate picture here I must digress; the judge has the appearance of what anyone would imagine a russian KGB agent to look like, dark deep-set eyes, heavy furrowed brow, 2/3 bald and a stare that makes you shiver with one exception, today there was a kindness in his eyes and the occasional slight glimpse of a smile.) When he walked into the small courtroom we all stood in respect and he invited us to sit while he reviewed the details of the case. This lasted about 10 minutes while one of the interpreters whispered in our ear what was going on, then the moment came… he turned to look at me speaking in Georgian, which makes even the most delicate female sound masculine, then at the close of his question the interpreter whispered the two-part question to Alicia and I. The first I had rehearsed and memorized, however the second surprised me. I stood and responded to the first which the interpreter shared back to him and she turned and said, “And what about the second part?” which was, “Why do you want to adopt a sick child?”… I knew the answer in my head but it wouldn’t come, I looked up to meet his stare which made me terribly nervous, I turned and looked at Alicia then in a rush of inspiration gave an answer that satisfied him completely. After a few more formalities he left the room for his verdict, only to enter again about 10 minutes later to read his judgement while standing and the only part we understood was when he read the name change to “Evan Moses” which signaled much emotion in the room. When finishing his verdict he glanced towards me smiling and thankfully I was able to nod and express, however briefly, my extraordinary gratitude.

So we depart to pick up “our” boy for a visit to get pictures for the Visa application and clinic visit.

When we returned an excited Marina, his foster mom, invited us all into her little room. Her expression was so much happier today, she seemed to have real joy, and she looked beautiful. While there the interpreter shared with us that she is sad but knows this is the best thing for Evan and she has accepted it.

On the ride back our little Evan sang the Georgian National Anthem for us which one line is the title of this post (see tomorrow I may have the link to the song here, otherwise just check facebook to view.)



  1. TEARS of JOY~ I would love to have heard what you said to him translated to him & how he must have felt becasue I’m sure when you opened your mouth God filled it & anointed your words so that when they hit his hears they touched his heart as well. PTL!

  2. Thank you Father. We rejoice with you all. The heavens have opened up and have sounded their triumphant horns. Praise be to God!!!!! So happy.

  3. Woo hoo!! Looks like you will be building another derby car. Does he like cabbage? F.O.G. you are in.


  4. What? No 10 day waiting period? No greasing the palms of every official in the country? No arguing over documents? I guess you had your “royal run-around” before you got there! I’m so happy it has gone so smoothly. I really want to know exactly what you said to the judge, tho. PTL!

  5. PRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIM. Finally. Can’t wait to see Evan in Church with you all, hopefully, next Sunday. I will continue to pray for everything else to go smoothly and for safe travel home.

    Love you both. XXXX 0000

    More Blessings

  6. Praise God! Please let us know when you will be coming back.

  7. Tim & Alicia, we are so happy for you. God is good!!

  8. CONGRATS!! I guess we are all wondering what you said to the judge..haha. So glad things went smoothly for you today. Does this mean you guys will be home soon? We have tears of joy. Today is our anniversary as well, so we will celebrate for you too! 🙂

  9. Thru tears of joy I say…Congrats!!!! God is just amazing in how He works. Evan Moses is just beautiful~♥!~ So happy for you guys 😀

  10. Congratulations! You guys are awesome!

  11. Happy Anniversary Judy & Craig! What I said was nothing special really, the remarkable thing is that there are so many things I could’ve said that would’ve stalled or ended the process. We heard stories afterwards of couples who said the wrong thing and left without their child. I said, “We have a special desire to help a needy child, and we have looked into doctors who can meet this boys needs, and we have the means to provide for them.” It was important that I didn’t say “God told us to do it.”, or “We saw his picture and fell in love with him.” both of which are partly true. Kim, our lawyer has truly been amazing… he made sure all the documents were completely in order before we arrived and when the judge denied one of them he turned into a pitbull, we were really worried about him. But he used that energy to make sure the documents were satisfactorily done before our new court date yesterday, and no their was no palm greasing.

  12. David, we will be leaving soon… No waiting period! Visa application on Monday and our lawyer says it will take him two days to prepare the necessary documents then we change our flight plans… but I have learned nothing is set in stone here, so we are simply keeping our fingers crossed.

  13. Sorry we’re reading this late again! It’s been hard to find time to get here amongst all the family plans….reading while we eat breakfast and before we’re off for the day. Praise God for how quickly things have fallen in place!!!!!! Love the pic of glowing Alicia & Evan. Celebrating with you, The Tatems XO

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