Posted by: thaufler | July 3, 2010

Doctor’s visit and misc. rambling thoughts…

In an attempt to keep the post short I am breaking up each event as much as possible.

I mentioned that we were going to the Tbilisi Baby House (orphanage)… we did however they were not expecting us and we did not get to tour the facility nor would they accept our gifts (I’ll add pictures later).

Getting Evan’s pictures was a bit of a challenge because all he wanted to do was ride in the “Pe-pe-a” (car), but we did get him to stay for a bit in my lap. Next was the doctors visit which was traumatic; the doctor had to poke and prod in his ears, eyes and check out his body as well, and each new device was received with an ear piercing shriek. The last thing they had to do was take blood, and Alicia asked if they could do that with the nurses so that he didn’t associate the pain with her, and they agreed. Two nurses went in and after about a minute and a few shrieks, one of the nurses stuck her head out the door and frantically said something in Georgian and another nurse came running. So it took three roughly 130# nurses to hold down this 30/35 pound child to take blood. Alicia is certainly the right mother for this young man!

The day before yesterday we visited the Patriarch’s new home, which was the lighted dome I noted in an earlier post. Inside there were pictures of saints and other relics which the worshippers were not only praying to but also kissing which is a universal sign of affection here. This scene was very difficult for Alicia to process, as well as I (That process is not complete so I’ll save my commentary until later). Here are some pictures from the outside;

Looking back at the entrance gate with our interpreter, Alicia and Robin;

Looking from the entrance gate toward the main structure where the worshippers were;

One of the structures to the side with our driver in the lower left corner;

The gardens;

We have truly grown to love our driver. He got his first car at age 14, and it has been his profession since. Even though his driving is daring even according to Georgian standards, I have managed to fall asleep at least four times while riding in the front seat. Yesterday while at the foster mothers home, I noticed he had a very peculiar look on his face, and reading his expression he seemed to be saying I don’t understand these people. Later our interpreter shared with us that he said what we are doing is beautiful but he cannot understand why we are making such a sacrifice.

Are we not called to be peculiar? Are we not supposed to be different from the world? Is not our lives and witness one that is marked by striking contrast to the world’s system, almost startling? Should we not live lives that almost take the breath away from those who would want to persecute us, revile us, and slander us?

Our message is painful to the unregenerate ear… and we should never change or water down our message to make it less painful. We are not salt or light when we either change the message or live lives that do not show His mark upon them.

Please pray for our Agency Director Robin who is still struggling with stomach pain and yesterday a fever.



  1. And again, WOW! The structures are beatiful but as in Benjamin’s devotions this very morning~ we talked about the fruit looking good on the outside but if it’s not good on the inside it’s worth nothing but to be thown away~ do we produce good or bad fruit~ so fitting for what you have said. Still your gentle, kind, loving ways ARE penetrating their own lifestyles & hearts I KNOW IT! PTL for all He has done & continues to do as you walk this journey out w/ Him~ & us w/ you! You are loved dearly & greatly missed.

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