Posted by: thaufler | July 3, 2010

Taking the day off tomorrow…

…from blogging, but here are a few pics from today (we learned our translater is a pro photographer, so she blessed us with her talent.)

Alicia and I helping Evan walk outside the foster mother’s home;

Evan trying to climb over my shoulder in search of the Pe-Pe-a (Car);

We found the tree of life at a park on top of a mountain (stay tuned we’re taking Evan here next week). See, another reason to stay, Gramma-Dot we’ll send for the kids;

A gorgeous flower taken by our resident photographer;

…and finally Evan getting some gruel from his new mommy;



  1. See God blesses you w/ photographers everywhere! PTL!

  2. No words to describe. He is worth it. I can totally see it. I bind Even to the Haufler’s family. God please give him a double portion or a triple portion, He will walk on water because of His faith and learn lessons easy. You are His blessed Mama & Papa who wait for him…He will never forget.

  3. Oh, Gosh Guys!!! Seeing these pics bring great emotions to me! So many thoughts so little words! Ditto…to the schweickerts post! My heart breaks and leaps all at the same time! John and I are praying for you all and can’t wait for you all to finally bring your son home!

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