Posted by: thaufler | July 4, 2010

The next phase…

While the first part of our journey is almost over, the frantic pace picks up again and began tonight with a tearful departure. It’s a mystery to me how hearts can become so knitted together in such a short time. We have only been here a week and yet the love and affection we have for Robin, our agency director, what in ordinary circumstances would’ve taken years to build has happened overnight; and it’s been the difficult stuff that has brought us closer. Multiple doctor’s visits (yes, we’ve all been sick), multiple Geocell visits, stunning first court appearance, coping with no air-conditioning, cold showers, shall I go on??? The things she’s learned about us (Hands clasped over ears while singing, la la la la la la la la), and the things we’ve learned about her (la la la la la la la la), have forged a permanent bond, a life-long friendship. My rock, my Alicia upon entering the apartment tonight was reduced to tears, and said (if I remember correctly), “I don’t know if I can do this without her here.”

In an earlier post referencing 2 Cor 4:7 I mentioned that we’re all just fragile clay pots, “Cracked pots”, that God chooses to shine His glory through, well nothing could be truer when we allow others to see our fragility and that fragility is met with a loving embrace; we met another “crack-pot” just like us (insert smile here), and we are richer for it.

I was reading from Micah this morning and again tonight and I saw something wonderful in the 4th chapter vs. 6 & 7 which says;

“In that day, says the Lord, I will assemble the lame, I will assemble the outcast and those whom I have afflicted; I will make them a remnant, and the outcast a strong nation; So the Lord will reign over them in Mount Zion.”

Who is it that does the afflicting? …it is God.

I am confident this afflicting doesn’t necessarily mean a physical one; it’s the awareness of our condition without Him, a place He brings us to where we realize the impossibility of any task without His sovereign power to accomplish it, a despairing of ourselves leading to complete dependance upon Him, and He is the one who does this afflicting; It is a gift.

Pray that tomorrow will go smoothly. The new couple joining us has had a very eventful flight and will arrive around 4:45 am to meet our champion and then a full schedule of events for them with very little sleep and jet-lag. They need God’s provision tomorrow…

Our day will be complete when we bring Evan back to our apartment and Alicia needs your prayers as she and I begin to care for Evan without being able to communicate in his language. We do feel your prayers and covet them…



  1. Amazing~ Awesome~ tears~ joy~ feel as though I am w/ you~ today’s word by Pastor Fred~ you would have LOVED~ hope you can hear it soon! Love you~ Happy 4th~ what an Independence Day for you all~ YAY!!!! And Tim amazing word as well! Love you all

  2. Oh my you two wonderful people. The journey is almost over and what a journey it has been. You know you have God’s amazing strength and grace throughout this. Can’t wait to see you all.

    Love to you both

  3. How so very beautiful! God is so good in the friendships He forges. Again, Tim, very wonderfully expressed 🙂 Prayers for you all..

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