Posted by: thaufler | July 5, 2010

Each visit gets sweeter…

…and tomorrow we bring him home, our home in Tbilisi that is.

After witnessing another couple get the nod from a Georgian judge today to adopt their child whom they’ve been waiting on as long as us, we depart to eat then see our boy. He met us with the usual slightly downward cast look while grinning, arms outstretched and waving up and down, “Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy!”; of course these are not his words but what his expression tells us.

Marina, his very loving foster mom puts away his gruel (using this term is no insult, what she makes for him looks and smells wonderful) and excitedly tells something to our interpreter, who has become like a daughter to Alicia and I. She then hurries over to the fridge which takes up 10% of her apartment and produces one of the largest cakes I’ve ever seen, then we learn she bought this as a going away gift for Evan because he loves the cream (icing) so much.

This lady takes my breath away….

Here she is caring for one child who has aged out of the system that is blind and autistic with the same tenderness and affection my biological grandmother would give me as a child, but this child is not her own and she receives no support for her, and Evan who is her only means of support is leaving and she goes through this expense just because he loves the cream.

She made us sit down, offered us drinks and cake, then proceeds to cut us a slice of Mt. Everest, and hands us a piece the size of  the north face… Alicia and I shared while we fed Evan all the “cream”. (check facebook for the video)

He has a fascination with anything electronic and actually found a way to use the phone and camera both at the same time while balancing all the toys in his lap.

Here is one picture I snapped of him while  playing with the phone;

And here is a rather artistic shot he got of the table Marina slid in front of us so we would have somewhere for “The North Face”;

We had dinner with the couple from Oklahoma who are here to adopt the little girl who was in the orphanage with Evan and our interpreters at #12 on the Rue Chardin (yeah, that green stuff in the bowl is mine);

We covet your prayers for God’s protection the rest of this week, as Evan is officially our child.



  1. looks yummy~ but sweet~ heehee, hey Tim, you & Evan have the same look on your faces~ heehee. hurry home~ cause we are praying for that too!

  2. The picture of Evan “gazing” at the cake is just adorable. We miss you guys and can’t wait to meet Evan!

  3. So great to see you all together being able to share in each others joy..Evan in adorable to say the least..& he’s all yours! FINALLY! 🙂 Now let the real fun begin 🙂 God, your just awesome! So grateful to have the honor of serving you..

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