Posted by: thaufler | July 7, 2010

Nobody said this would be easy…

…woke up to a feeling of sand behind my eyelids preventing them from remaining open for more than a few seconds and an emphatic plea for skali (water). Rolled over to meet the boy who kept us awake last night and he was flapping his little arms like a spring robin beckoning to his waiting mom for food. Alicia pointed me in the right direction for the skali and I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to find it and get back to our new son… it’s 6:00am, we both had a combined 2.5 hours sleep… maybe, and I’m guessing Evan had about 7 hours.

Sometime during the night I woke and freed my contorted muscles from their forced position under Evan as he decided my pillow was more comfortable than anywhere else in the bed and when I sat up he did a triple salchow and ended up right in the middle of where my weary body had once lain. Alicia and I both move him back into position which was much better because now all I felt was his little feet tapping into my backside all night. (We even called our interpreter early in the AM in the hopes she could help us understand what little Evan was saying and this sweet gal did her best to help.)

Short digression… It finally dawns on me what his breath smells like, which at first challenged our ability to show “close” affection, or really probably just me… West Point twenty years ago before the clean air act. So either something dreadful is going on in his little stomach or the water he drank at his foster moms contained something sulfuric.

After about 12 ounces of water happily drunk by the spring robin, we decide to lay back down for a morning nap… it’s now 6:30am …ten minutes later we both wake up to what sounds like the hatch of a naval submarine opening while still submerged (use your imagination). Now we had to wash 12+ ounces of water out of the sheets, except that the color and odor had changed just a bit.

God we so need you right now was my prayer…

Fast forward… Alicia’s kneeling on the floor head on my shoulder sobbing through tears, “I wanna go home” while I nurse our now feverish child. This awakens our lethargic Evan who lays his arm on Alicia’s and looks down to see her eyes and says, “Modi-a, Modi-a”, which means “Come to me”… so Alicia hugs him tightly and gathers up the strength to go get a shower and we leave to get our certified birth certificate, and passport with a new interpreter. After this we decide to go see the doctor who we’ve called two times already and he checks out Evan head to foot… he’s fine, probably just a virus, give him plenty of water and Tylenol. As we leave this wonderful man who carved out time in his busy day and patiently and thoroughly answered all our questions, doesn’t allow us to pay …his kindness almost sends St. Alicia into another sobbing episode.

We’re home now and he’s asleep, next is Alicia and I. We’ve turned on the air-conditioning and tonight we should sleep in peace. Here’s a few pictures from today;

Daddy, leave me alone I don’t feel well;

I don’t wanna go in the Pe-pe-a;

We’re terribly home-sick especially after talking to the kids so we go to McDonald’s and I got a hamburger and fries, while Alicia had chicken McNuggets… just like home, no kidding!

Most of this journey has been extraordinarily taxing with occasional bright strands of hope, well this has been the most taxing day here yet and God gave us those few bright strands of hope to help us endure. Brothers and sisters I’m more confident than ever that these challenges are what God uses/ordains to bring us close to Him, if everything went along without a hitch our relationship with our creator would be one-dimensional and lifeless, so if you’re struggling today latch on to God in Christ and look for those bright strands of hope.

Pray for all the details dropping into place tomorrow, so we can leave before this weekend, otherwise it will not be until early next week… (God knows best and we will accept whatever He ordains (well maybe not at first), and make the most of it… but we wanna come home, so pray for that… okay?)



  1. Tim & Alicia,
    My heart so goes out to you. I feel your despair and understand your homesickness. You are on the downhill slide…as they say. When all else fails…STAND. Know that He is God, He is good, He is perfecting you and He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. He LOVES what you are doing for Him. He LOVES how you are looking to Him and for Him in this time of need. He’s already showed up and He ain’t going nowhere. Lord, give them the peace that ONLY comes from you. We love you guys and hope to see you in the United States of America soon! (If you kiss the ground when you land…we get it!)

    • THANKS..we needed that

  2. OH how He loves us~ He loves us, Oh how He loves us~ & This time that I have left is all I have or worth, I lay it at Your feet Lord, it’s less than You deserve, & though I’ve little strength, & though my days are few, You gave Your life for me so I will live my life for You. I love you guys~ what a wonderous journey & testimony He is allowing you to have!

  3. You know no one else was picked to make this journey but you guys – and that is because you guys will do it graciously – if even through what Alicia calls her “melt downs” (you are entitled) – but I KNOW you guys will be picked up and move forward as you are called! Love you both! Katherine

  4. My heart aches for you both today and you still are enduring enough already. God will never leave you both nor forsake you. It must look pretty bleak right now after ALL you both have been through, but look on the bright side, it is almost over and will soon be home with your son. I know you must miss your children terribly, but soon you will all be united once again. I will pray for strength, endurance to bear whatever God has left in store for you, I pray it will be nothing else though. Stay strong in the Lord. His arms are wrapped so tight around you both. Love you and can’t wait to see you. Yes, Alicia, you will get your two hugs and maybe more too.

    Love & Blessings to you both. Mary

    • Thanks….I need those hugs.

  5. Still on vacation and trying to come here when I can to see what’s going on. Thanks for the pics and updates…praying you get to go home soon. Congrats! Love, Lisa

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