Posted by: thaufler | July 9, 2010

Prayer request

Last night Evan’s medical condition took a turn for the worse, vomiting, labored breathing, and pain. We called the doctor who saw him the day before yesterday and he suggested taking him to the clinic which we did. After examining him they felt they didn’t have the proper medical staff to adequately treat him and they took him to the children’s hospital here in Tbilisi. They have treated him and ruled out anything serious but kept him overnight for observation, primarily because of his labored breathing.

Please pray for him and us. We got home last night around 4:00am, and the conditions in this hospital are not like America so we hope to get him out of there and home very soon.

Yesterday we received our Visa for Evan from the Embassy and are ready to come home but he must be well enough for travel.



  1. Prayers my friends..Many prayers ;(

  2. Hope Evan will work this out of his system so you guys can get home and get some peace! Hang in there! God has been with you so far, and he surely won’t forsake you now!

  3. Will do !!

  4. With Heb. 13:3 in mind I pray

  5. Oh my, what next ! That little boy has been thru enough already in his short life. I pray for strength for you both to get thru this FINAL hurdle, and I know God is going to make it the last. Good news on his Visa to come home, God is SOO Good ! Safe travel for you three and I know home is closer than you think. Praise Him.

    Love to you both. God’s strength be with you

  6. Always praying for you all. Lack of sleep, new adjustments, sickness….seems like ingredients for some great bonding. Love you guys. Pam

  7. Just found your blog. Hope Evan is feeling much better and will be able to travel home soon. We adopted out 3 boys form Ukraine and know that when you are ready to go home, YOUR READY TO GO HOME! Our prayers are with you guys for an uneventful trip back to start the next chapter in your lives. God is good all the time and His mercies are new every morning! THank goodness for that 🙂

  8. I pray right now in the Name of Jesus that Evan IS healed & well & for you to have grace & mercy & favor on your lives & will be home on time AMEN

  9. You guys remain in my thoughts and prayers — what more can be said?

    Your stories bring tears to my eyes and we can only believe that in the end, all you’re going through will be for good — YOURS, as well as your new sons’. Hang in there!

  10. Your prayers and comments mean the world to us…

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