Posted by: thaufler | July 11, 2010

Another day…

Heading back to the hospital today to be with Evan as much as possible, and hope to see more improvement.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days (my camera was idle from the day he got sick until yesterday)

Outside the “waiting” room window;

Alicia has been getting chocolate shake therapy from #19 and this is the fella who serves her kindly posing for a picture (Imagine how we feel not being able to see Evan and filling our time this way);

One of the beggars on Rustaveli;

A monastery we wandered into yesterday;

We want to bring this girl home with us.. our interpreter;

Evan getting a kiss from mommy;



  1. The crane hook pulley outside the waiting room window looks like a heart. =]

    All the events in the lives of the redeemed are presents from our loving Lord, but they do not all come in the same giftwrap.

    You are greatly blessed.

  2. Thanks Al, That’s what I thought when I snapped the picture. And thanks for your encouragement…

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