Posted by: thaufler | July 11, 2010

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

Perhaps tonight we could’ve stayed at home and drank our salty tears… but rather chose to join our new friends on a mountain top. The air was clear and cool and the view spectacular, and for me one of the greatest blessings was having the company of our driver and father of our land-lady. Even though we cannot speak the same language, the kindness I see in him reminds me of my own father. We made a deal… if I come back he will learn 50% English and I must learn 50% Georgian, then we can carry on 50% of a conversation.

So, Robin… will there be another child available? …I told him we will need two years to recover from this event, which he said was more than enough time.

We heard from one of the doctors involved tonight and learned that Evan remains stable and unchanged, which is good. The normal report we receive is a dip in his status after what we thought was a good day, and tonight it remains where it was earlier… I’ll take that. I miss holding him and hearing him say, da-di-go… pe-pe-a, or the whisper of gamardjobot (Hi in Georgian) as I hold him close while walking; his laughter involving his whole body while he looks around to see who is joining him in his fun. I just don’t get the same thrill from being in a car like he does… sorry, but I do enjoy watching the thrill he receives.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll see his big brown eyes gazing into mine, studying me, trying to figure out what a man is and why there is prickly stuff growing on his chin that hurts him when kissed… maybe, I’ll pray for that, and hope for a little more.

Here are a few snapshots from tonight.

The waterfall outside the restaurant and us minus the driver who showed up later…

The waterfall at night (Evan’s arms would’ve waved at seeing this);

A picture with our driver;

Tbilisi from the mountain (That’s the President’s home in the foreground and the Patriarch’s church in the center);

Evan, Alicia and I heading to the Rue for dinner a couple of days ago;

It’s difficult to process the fact that we can’t be with him, holding his hand rubbing is leg, hearing him breath and only have a few precious minutes with him during the day.



  1. Just remember the time of waiting is a time of God doing a miracle in not only your lives, but the lives of all you’ve encountered. You are sharing a love they may not have known or understood had God not put Even on your hearts. Praying for favor, healing, peace, & rest. ❤ U

  2. Hey big guy. Tell Alisha that we are praying for you guys and thinking about you. Miss you and hang in there. We serve a great God.

  3. We are finally home from VA, so will be able to stay on top of the updates better…it’s been so hard to not know what was going on with Evan the last two days of traveling. We are so concerned and are praying. Can you tell us more details? Is he conscious? What caused this sudden turn in his health? We hope that remembering our boys will bring you hope for a good outcome for Evan. Keep your eyes on Jesus and not the waves of this storm you’re in….Jehovah Rapha is greater than any sickness. May His promises of healing fill you with faith that moves mountains.

  4. Thanks guys and gals, Day before yesterday he opened his eyes and responded to our touch after they put him on the ventilator, however yesterday he was unconscious each time we saw him. There is some history of this illness that was misdiagnosed before and they suspect a multiple of factors triggered this recent episode, but no definitive cause has yet been found.

  5. Prayers for strength for you guys and for little Mr. Evan. You are all loved!
    Martha Spahr

  6. Thanks for more details, although it is horrible to hear that Evan is on a ventilator and unconscious. We are praying for his healing and wisdom for the doctors, as well as strength for you two. Hugs & tears, Lisa

  7. God bless you all and please continue to pray…

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