Posted by: thaufler | July 12, 2010

“Trust in god, my boys, and keep your powder dry.” Oliver Cromwell

I don’t know where to begin…

We have had a few sovereign events today that will enable us to sleep tonight, and the quote that came to mind that best fits is the one stated above, and especially depicts St. Alicia’s response to news today that was not positive.

No definitive change in Evan, and the doctors seem to be at a loss how to help him if the course of action they are on doesn’t begin to show improvement. This has been a very engaged and accessible medical team, but resources are limited…

Our intermediary suggested contacting a doctor stateside to get involved, and offered to translate all the records for us to send to our Doctor, and it was recommended to see if the Embassy could help.

Long story short… the Embassy was polite but not the help we needed, so we go home to our apartment and call his pediatrician… he’s on vacation, so we call every number in the office, all six, all busy and we are calling from 6,000 miles away. We call CHKD, who we have an appointment with when we get back for Evan… not much help (You understand when I say “we” I mean “Alicia”). I get online and find a doctor who is a Dwarfism Pediatric Specialist in New Hampshire and after one dropped call and two long periods of waiting, Alicia finally gets a receptionist who is sympathetic to our dilemma, and behold we are talking to one of the board members for LPA who agrees to review our case. We are now waiting for the translated hospital records, but his initial analysis of the case leads to two possible diagnosis. This information is forwarded to the head of the hospital who agrees to review his findings which may lead to a change in treatment and positive results.

We feel your prayers, please do not stop… please, please don’t stop, we are emotionally fractured, physically drained, but spiritually planted.



  1. and God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory!!!! Prayers are never ceasing. Many times God wakes me up in the middle of our night to pray/intercede & I am not always sure of what but am confident that you are part of it. Stay strong as you stand on His promises. His healing is coming & the transformation God is doing in the two of you are beyond anything you may even want to imagine right now. We love you & we are praying for all involved, for God’s favor & perfect will to be done! And Tim, you are a saint as well~ never negate who you are in Christ!

  2. Oh my it just never is ending, but hopefully the Dr. who will be reviewing Evan’s records will find some treatment for the little man. I can only imagine how drained, and tired you both must be. This has been an ordeal never to forget. We all prayed for you at Church Sunday and I know God is hearing all our prayers. It is so powerful. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you both. Stay strong, we all love you both and most importantly, God does.

    Love and hugs to you both, extra one for you Alicia

  3. Thanks for the update. We’re praising God you got connected to such a great resource! Makes us think of the old Integrity song, “God will make a way where there seems to be no way.” The Good Shepherd is faithful to take care of His sheep. Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers, The Tatems

  4. We are praying! Know that all of this does not surprise the Great I AM. He is able!!! In Jesus’ name we ask for complete and total healing!
    We love you both.
    Barbara and Russ

  5. Hi Tim and Alicia Is there any chance Evan could have diabetes. When sugar level is not controlled the body goes into metabolic ketoacidosis. I am praying for you all. Love Julie

  6. We are praying for Evan and you. You are surrounded by the prayers of the saints here for sure. We can’t wait to hear the testimony in this.
    Blessings, Mike and Donna Mills Psalms 33

  7. Many prayers from Texas. I know you guys are completely drained. I always think of Footprints in situations like this…when our Lord is carrying you. He will not abandon you and He didn’t get you this far for nothing. We don’t know His plan, but you know He is the Master Planner.
    Many hugs and MANY PRAYERS,
    Martha Spahr

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