Posted by: thaufler | July 15, 2010

Where to next…

A brief history of the past few days would fill more volume than “wordpress” will allow me to post for free, so here is an edited synopsis…

Evan is being transferred to the closest most capable hospital who can treat his condition. The facility in Tbilisi Georgia has done all they are able to do because they do not have the equipment or knowledge to help him, so we were faced with a tough decision, explored our options and our Georgian family came through again with solutions. For us, it would be no different than if Nick or Carrie were lying there in the hospital bed… Evan has been our’s for over two years and we have fought hard for him and will not give up.

He is being medivac’d to a hospital in Israel who can insure the best care for him by a team who have provided this service four times in recent months for children in Georgia. They have reviewed all his medical records and are confident they can help, we will leave sometime this morning from Georgia and had to say a tearful goodbye to our dearest friends from this wonderful country.

Evan’s condition is stable but serious. From what we understand his blood chemistry has returned to normal; normal blood sugar, normal PH, normal temperature, but it is strongly suspected he may have some form of a Metabolic Disease which can easily be regulated with diet once he is well. Until our intervention this was all a mystery and was treated with medications which may have exacerbated his condition according to the specialist in Georgia.

It’s important to note that the staff in Iashvili Children’s Hospital in Georgia has been wonderful and done everything they can to help but the facility they are forced to use would probably be equal to an average hospital in the 1930’s. Roughly twenty years removed from Soviet rule, some of the archaic philosophies still remain intact as well and it’s seems to be a great mystery to them why we would go to such great lengths for a child like Evan.

This city is filled with glorious monuments and fountains, some draped in gold which you’ve seen pictures of, and yet the children of this country when ill are subjected to an environment I am not willing to speak about at this time… stay tuned.

Perhaps the greatest monument this great country could ever erect would be a hospital that has the ability to care for it’s most precious treasure… it’s children… it’s future.

(A heartfelt and sincere thanks goes out to my employer, Pierce Aluminum Co., who has extended grace for me to be able to respond to this need and the deeply compassionate people at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare without which Evan would not be able to get the care he needs.)



  1. Thank God for His gracious ways, mysterious to us, but perfectly ordered by Him to bring about His good ends. His blessings abide with all of you.

  2. Rejoicing in hope…patient in tribulation…instant in prayer.

    May you feel His love and peace,
    Leah & the Lifesong staff

  3. Thanks for the update. We are standing with you guys, praying strength for ALL of you!

  4. Still praying for all of you, and a quick recovery for Evan.

  5. Thinking about you guys constantly and praying often as well.

  6. Thanks for keeping us informed. Something about you ending up in Israel brings me alot of peace…hoping you feel the same way. Keeping you in our prayers, Lisa & family

  7. Love you and will keep you all in prayer. Confident that Israel will help Evan, as I am sure that is God directing you there.

    Peace & Strength to you both

    Love you


  8. God is not surprised by any of this but His hand is moved with compassion at the love of His children for His child. We are standing with you in love & prayer. He will finish what He started.

  9. Praising God for making a way for you all! Prayers & love always coming your way!

  10. Thoughts and prayers are with you Tim, Alicia, and Evan

  11. You have all been chosen for this task, you have all been equipped for these good works.
    You are demonstrating aspects of the mysteries of God’s Grace that can only be understood by His gift of Faith.
    United we kneel in prayers and submission, one family before God who has everything in His powers.

    My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be shaken. On God my salvation and my glory rest; The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah.
    (Psalms 62:5-8)

    Love in Christ

  12. Thank you for your kind words. We are having a very difficult time making sense of this and your words of encouragement are a source of strength. We made it in last night and the hospital here is very good. We met with the Chief of the Pediactric ICU who assured us he will do everything he can to help Evan, unfortunately though, the care he received in Tbilisi was severly negligent and the information they have given him provided no help. We would have removed him sooner but they gave us no indication that his condition was so severe until the day we decided to leave.

  13. Prayers from NY… Been following along and praying for the right treatment and right answers… Hopefully you are in the best place for him to get better treatment. My heart goes out for the struggles you’ve been through.
    ~Christine (dd Julianna a.ROG 2/03)

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