Posted by: thaufler | July 18, 2010

Day 3

Spent some time with Evan this morning and evening… it’s very hard because he doesn’t know we are there. Got to hold his foot again and stroke his hair, kissed his forehead…

Met with the staff at the hospital whose job it is to insure Non-Israelians are well cared for, they wanted to make sure we understood that we are not alone, they also took care of the hotel accomodations for us insuring we do not have to move out at least until Tuesday. This is truly a wonderful facility, and a very loving/caring staff.

In the bed next to us, a young child lays in a cast over most of her/his body. The mother is constantly by the child’s side in this Israeli hospital wearing a Burka beside a white couple with a child who could be her own, life could be stranger I guess.

Tomorrow we meet the doctor again in the morning for an answer to more definitive test to help us understand the next step…

Pray for wisdom, pray for strength…



  1. God indeed feels your pain and He is right there with you. He loves youguys and He loves Evan even more. The Lord will save His servants. He always keeps His promises.

    Love in Christ,


  2. We just want you to know and hopefully you can feel our prayers. We love you and your family very much and pray for strength and peace surrounds you both. We will not stop praying!

  3. Just had you guys on my mind.. praying for you all.

  4. Tim,
    We are praying for you guys as well.

  5. Standing and believing for a good report. Just rest in Him. The Church has you covered. His grace is sufficient.

  6. Still praying

  7. Behind a frowning providence there lies His Hidden Smile. Tim we love you guys and are praying that your faith will hold. Trust in God.

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