Posted by: thaufler | July 20, 2010

Going home sometime tomorrow…

Spent a little time in Joffa today as a distraction… Evan is gone now and our time in the hospital, which has been perpetual since 7/9/10 has come to an end. Our sweet guide from Moldova took us to St. Peter’s Church by the seaside and learned it was closed (she convinced the porter to let us into the chapel). At the foot of this Catholic Monastery prayers of a Muslim temple rang out while we walked across a wishing bridge filled with Zodiac symbols where we were instructed to make a wish by our sign (our refusal puzzled our guide so we had the opportunity to share our faith a little); then down to an open market where jewish merchants were selling good luck charms. One of the merchants realizing we were Americans tried to sell us one that would give us wealth and health… how about that, Kenneth Copeland must have preceeded our visit to this ancient land. According to our guide there are very few Christians here and the only other church, St. Georges Cathedral, is a strange mixture of Muslim and Christian practiced by mostly Arabians.

Our guide was insistent she wanted to get us something to take home when all I want to do is forget I was ever here. So while she led Alicia and I through the various shops I wandered away until something caught my ear, …the “Hallelujah Song” from Shrek by Rufus Wainwright. I found the one speaker quietly playing this tune and positioned myself in front of it between two empty cafe tables so I could hear the chorus, only the chorus… as I stood there the emotions came back and I wanted to hide but I couldn’t pull myself away… I couldn’t… I just stood there and my heart sang with him… “Hallelujah, hallelujah, Hallelujah, halleluuujaaahh…” 

How in the midst of this most exquisite pain and loss can my heart sing? The heavens opened for a moment and it was as if all the angels were singing with me, rejoicing in the goodness of God… yes His goodness. Here in this almost Godless society close to where Jesus once walked God broke through my fog while listening to a pagan tune sung by mythical creatures (the characters of Shrek) from one lonely speaker in a crowd of shoppers in a strange foreign land.  

I told Alicia today that we will never be the same, our spiritual metabolism has been forever changed, and God intends to use it for His glory… we just need to hang on long enough to understand.

For all you folks waiting for us at home, we don’t have an itinerary yet… look for it tomorrow morning. We can’t wait to see you and tell you personally what you have meant to us during this difficult time.



  1. Dear Tim & Alicia, we are so sorry for your loss of Evan. I can’t imagine the journey that you’ve been on and continue to go through. I thank you so much for your honesty and the outpouring of your souls. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are here to help shoulder your burdens through prayers. I’m also thankful for a loving heavenly Father who has received Evan into His arms. God is good. We continue to pray.

  2. And He does sing over you as do the angels~ brother you have no idea how many of us here have also been changed as we have walked through this w/ you, forever changed & in such a way that though it doesn’t feel so good at the moment we know it is a God change. I don’t think my eyes or heart will ever be the same again, naturally or spiritually. Thank you both for standing & walknig in faith through it all. You are such an amazing testimony of love & perseverence even if you don’t feel it, know it’s so very true. OXOXOX

  3. reading your post made tears well up in my eyes as I too sang with you 🙂 God is in the mist of this all for sure & the testimony of your faith has spoken volumes to this heart here. Wish I could hug you both & make it all okay again. Praying for God to continue to carry you guys, as I know this journey He’s taken you on is far from over.

  4. Oh my sweet brother and sister in Christ. I cry every time I read your blog since Evan has gone to be with his Lord. You both are an amazing testimony to all of us here. Your strength has been amazing. Don’t know if I could’ve endured what you both have been through and I have been thru some tragedy myself. Yes, you are forever changed for sure, God has used you for his purpose. Can’t wait to see you both and Alicia you are getting the biggest one, and you know what I mean.

    Love, Peace, Strength, and Prayers continue to be with you both. Safe travel home to us.

    love you both so much…..Mary

  5. It’s amazing to me to see how important Evan was to God, that He would send you guys half way around the world to make him His so He could take him home. It seems to be a representation of what He did for us; coming from a place of great comfort, so far away, to make sure we could come home to Him. I don’t know…adoption is like a big deal to God, I think. This wasn’t for nothing, that’s for darn sure. I want that you will continue to share what He reveals to you even when you’re home, if you could. This isn’t the end of Evan…

  6. I’m praying His comfort sustains you and strengthens you – that His Joy is stirred up in you that you might know it’s strength in you. Your blog has been such a testemony to me. Your faithfulness to love someone you didn’t have to love all the way across the world. I don’t know you, but I hurt for you as my brother and sister in Christ – I will continue to lift you up.

    I guess Evan is getting to take rides in the most glorious “Pe-pe-a” w/ Jesus 🙂

  7. We love you guys and are praying and crying with you and for you. We hope to see you soon.

  8. come home, come home, come home – your family continues to pray and yearn for your safe return, love Jacque

  9. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and Jacque… we couldn’t get through this without the love and support of our family. We will be home Thursday night and we are working on the arrangements for a memorial for Evan, so stay posted.

  10. We are broken before God in what little of your experience we can feel thru email and postings. So powerful are these moments you describe that we can hardly hold back the tears as in the spirit we are all touched in some painfully wonderful way and then nowhere near as impacting as on you and Alicia and Carrie and Nick. What a mighty thing God has doing and will do. Evan’s little precious life has rocked our lives. We love you all and are eagerly awaiting your return.Praise be the our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Pat & Pam

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