Posted by: thaufler | July 21, 2010

Goodbye Israel…

We’ve been kicked out of our hotel room (not really, they just don’t have any room for us outside of the third floor which is for women only who have been released from the hospital with their newly born child and they appropriately thought this would be painful for us… good call.) and we are now sitting in the business lounge for the next seven hours. I cannot express just how understanding and compassionate these people have been… everywhere we go we end up with new family members, but these folks I am ready to leave… no offense please, we just want to be home.

This morning we had to get the cash to cover Evan’s transport home… no easy task. We had the approval from our bank for the transfer yesterday but apparently someone in America forgot to hit the right key and the approval never went across the network. So we show up at one bank and they refuse the amount needed, so we went to another and our guide pleaded our case and just when the clerk went to the manager’s office to hopefully fix the problem the power went out… so… we went to another bank and they could not help. Called the bank and our cellphone ran out of minutes, so our guide loaned us her phone and after twenty minutes they said everything was approved and they didn’t know what the problem was.

We go back to the first bank and our guide told the clerk our unusual situation and this must have warmed his heart to us because we now had an advocate who eventually had us in the bank manager’s office on his phone with our bank until the problem was solved and 2.5 hours later we had the cash for the Israeli Funeral Director. St. Alicia has missed her calling, her patience and resolve in situations like this is supernatural. We thanked this kind man and as I was leaving the bank I glanced back to see his smiling face following us out with a little dance in his step and I was renewed… one, because the people here don’t smile… and two, I understood the satisfaction he was feeling and I am glad to have had him as a friend even if it was for only a moment.

Yesterday as I was showing our guide the pictures in my camera she said, “You know the interesting thing about Americans? They are always smiling… (paraphrased).” She said this after looking at a picture of my father who wears his big grin from ear to ear most of the time.

We gave away a stroller we bought for our little guy, and all his diapers to a very grateful hotel housekeeper, and it hit Alicia again… it’s hitting me right now, gonna stop writing…

We will be back soon, and we can’t wait to see our children, our dogs, our house, our friends, our home…



  1. looking forward to having you back. Been checking on your house…even it looks lonely. Love as always to both of you.

  2. Words are still failing me right now. All I can do is pray for God’s envelopment of peace upon you both. He is with you!

  3. God’s favor is on you all the way home!!! Our prayers are never ending~ our hearts carry you & our arms ache to hug you just as much as I”m sure yours do as well. We love you!

  4. Tim and Alica – my amazing friends…I am so proud of you both! And, Tim, you missed your calling also – I think you should be a writer! You have so elequently expressed your journey…your emotions, I am priviledged you have allowed me access!

  5. How we wish we could be there in VA to welcome you home and offer our support! Know that we are there in spirit through our prayers. Kim is suppose to give Alicia a BIG HUG from me!

    Safe travels,

  6. My thoughts and prayers will be with you until you land here in Virginia. Can’t wait to see you both and hugs, many hugs, are in order.

    Safe travel…..see you soon.


  7. Looking forward to having you guys back…you were missed by many. Welcome back home.

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