Posted by: thaufler | July 30, 2010

In gratitude…

The encouragement we have received from those we love and those we’ve never met here has been a sustaining force for our faith and our deepest gratitude is extended to you who have followed our journey.

This weekend marks the celebration of Evan’s short life and Monday a new normal begins for the Haufler family. We all will need the support of our friends and family but most of all Alicia, who will see each morning a closet full of clothes, a room full of toys carefully picked out for our son, a little empty chair in the corner, and drive a van bought to accommodate our growing crew. Please be there for her when the cards and meals stop coming, and pray that I have the wisdom and presence of mind to discern her needs.

Our final post on this blog will be Saturday or Sunday and will be a memorial to Evan’s life…



  1. Tim and Alicia,

    We are here for you guys for as long as forever. Fanny Crosby was a blind person in the 1800 and she wrote a song ” Blessed Assurance” and several others, and I thought today that this is where we all are right now. Continue your walk with Him and as is said many times at a times such as this, “This too shalll pass”, but no one knows until they have to walk this walk, do they really know. I love you guys and we are as close as your phone.

    Love Mom

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