About the header and our mission

This is the story of the adoption of our son from The Republic of Georgia. A journey that began 2.5 years ago in the heart of God and was fueled by many people we love but especially our children. Little did we know that God’s intention was not only to plant this child into our home but also to grow us individually and as a family, and potentially birth a life-long ministry. Looking back we wouldn’t have chosen any other road, but had we known what we were to endure we would’ve never began this journey. God intentionally withholds these things because he knows our hearts would fail if we knew the sovereign trials he plans for his own magnificent glory. The picture in this header is of Tbilisi Georgia at night…



  1. My heart is joined to yours and our tears have run into the the same river of sorrow at the lost of this little ones life…but Behold the Lamb of God has made away where we will spend an eternity of tomorrows with the ones we love~

  2. Dear Tim, Alicia, and family,

    On behalf of the entire community of Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, including neighboring countries (FRUA) we offer our heartfelt sympathy to you all. We have a large chapter in the Virginia, DC area and welcome you to our network of hope, help and community when you are ready.

    Robin contacted me about your tragedy. Our son and daughter-in-law are Fulbright Scholars in the Republic of Georgia and we are leaving Saturday, 7/31 to go to Tbilisi to visit them. She has asked me to reach out to some of the wonderful people who helped you there and we would be glad to do so.

    With deepest sympathy,

    Jan Wondra
    Vice Chair
    Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (including neighboring countries)
    Hope, Help and community for Adoptive Families

    • Thank you so much Jan. Georgia is a beautiful country with beautiful loving people. They fully supported us in the best of times and the worst of times, and we hope to return to see them again some day. Our son was a wonderful, sweet, loving boy and we are so grateful for the time we had with him even if it was all to short.
      Thanks again, we pray that you have a good trip and give anyone we knew our love.

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